Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Clint and I’m a woodworker from the rural county of Suffolk in the east of England. My blog will document my path through woodworking as well as the many projects I’m building and designing. This will include items for the garden and home and also woodworking jigs to help make working wood easier and more interesting. Whilst I’m a fan of using hand tools and utilising as little electricity as possible I have nothing against power tools. There’s enough snobbery in the world as it is!

Building a simple garden arch a few years ago brought something out in me that was desperate to keep woodworking. I’m still learning every day, trying new techniques and creating projects and work aids of my own design. Reclaimed and forgotten wood is my medium, transforming it into useful and (hopefully) attractive pieces is my focus.

I hope you enjoy my blog and youtube channel as much as I enjoy making it. If you have any questions, suggestions or just general things you’d like to contact me for then please don’t hesitate to do so.